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Welcome to Catalog Request!

We gather catalogs from various sources to provide you with the best catalog resources online!

Advertising Information

Advertising Requirement/Criteria Specification
Before you contact us regarding advertising on and any other part of Program Launch Network, make sure that your site DOES NOT have the following contents:
1. promotes or links to pornography stuffs.
2. promotes or hosts illegal stuffs (such as illegal software, hacking, cracking, etc.)
3. promotes hazardous and damaging contents.
4. promotes contents that are discriminating people against race, color, religion, culture, region, etc.

We will automatically reject any request that falls under the above categories.
Rights to Reject also reserve the rights to reject any request that will result in conflict of interest of CatalogRequest and its affiliated sites.
Advertising Disclaimer does NOT responsible for any damages done by our advertisers. Each advertiser is responsible for all their advertising materials.
How do you contact us for advertising?
For advertising rate, drop us an email at:
For link exchange, drop us an email at:
For advertising in Program Launch Network, send email to:

Thank you for your interest in doing business with


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